Should you cancel the reservation more than 30 days prior to the dates reserved, we will make every effort to hire out the
studios for the dates cancelled. If we succeed, your deposit (less any costs incurred) may be offset against a future
reservation. For cancellations received within 30 days of the rental date, we will require 50% of the full rental charge.

If, for any reason we have to cancel your booking we will return your deposit to you in full. Please note your booking is
not confirmed unless the deposit has been paid. We reserve the right to cancel and make changes to bookings made.

Studio Time:
Studio day rate includes 12 hours per day. If this time goes over 12 hours per day then the rate will be charged at time and a half.
The same applies for the house engineers rate.

Damage etc:
Guests are requested to leave our studios as they find them. Any damage or loss that is not made good before departure
will be billed to the client. Any dispute about damage and/or refunds must be addressed to the owner.

Making Complaints:
We hope that you will have no reason to complain during your stay at Grouse Lodge, should any difficulty arise please
speak to the owner, Paddy Dunning , or the studio manager, who is on hand to assist you. This will allow us to assist
you and take whatever action is required. All complaints must be brought to our attention during your stay at the studio
and must be followed up in writing within seven days of your departure from the studio.

Studio Library
Please note that we store master copy recordings in our library. Also be aware that if payments are not received on the agreed dates (i.e 50% to confirm and reserve studio dates and 50% before or on the day of arrival) any discount will be lost. Extras invoices must be paid before departure. If any invoices remain outstanding on departure, recorded files from the session will remain at the studio and not be released to the client(s) until all invoices have been paid in full.

Heating and electricity is subject to a surcharge.

In-House Engineers
All client transactions pre and post recording sessions including mixing edits mastering and any other business must go through Grouse Lodge Ltd.

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